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Notes from the margin
Sunday, July 14, 2002  
Back from Norway. It was amazing! I put my hand on the house my father grew up in, saw his book accepted to the permant collection in the Odda library, saw the churchyard in which his brother used to scare him, placed flowers on my grandparents graves, stood on the pier steps Dad almost drown at, experienced daylight at 3:00am, drank a lot of good beer and coffee without affects, hiked by glacier, waterfall and gorge, travelled steep winding roads more exilirating than any roller coaster I ever saw, became expecially close with my cousins in Voss, met many of my family in Odda and in Oslo, but there are still about 60 cousins and 2nd cousins to go. Of course, I have to go back!
8:14 AM

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